CD - Holy Crap!


Image of CD - Holy Crap!

Want to carry us around with you everywhere? Now you can! All the Mormon Punk Rock you can stand in one compact disc. It's our first album: Holy Crap!

You now have the option to have Robert, Sean, and Robot autograph your album!!!

Album Tracks:

1. Hello
2. Jesus Is Love
3. Salt Lake
4. Child Molester
5. Lazy Fuck
6. The Metal House
7. Satanists Are Fucking Dicks
8. Diabolical
9. Chimney Sweep
10. Drinking Gasoline
11. Self Defense
12. NoHo Dojo
13. Burn It To The Ground
14. Pretty Stupid
15. Marshmallow Squares
16. My Grandma Fights
17. You're So Fat
18. Pony King
19. Smoking Crack
20. Screaming Contest
21. Oxygen Is For Fags
22. Joe Was A Humpback Whale (But Now He's Dead)
23. Alaska
24. Fuzzy Bunnies
25. Cramps Don't Mean You're Pregnant
26. Love
27. Tickle Me Elmo
28. Sodomy Basket
29. Peach Cobbler Party
30. Goodbye