CD - We Forgive You


Image of CD - We Forgive You

Sound the trumpets and let the Angels sing! We bequeath unto you our second album: We Forgive You! Twenty one tracks sent down from the heavens to listen to and absolve your sins to.

You now have the option to have Robert, Sean, and Robot autograph your album!!!

Album Tracks:

1. Opening Hymn
2. Hug Rock
3. My God's Cock
4. Brush Your Teeth
5. Prayer At The DMV
6. Traffic Jam
7. Hablamos EspaƱol
8. New Socks
9. Natural History
10. Dino Riders
11. Log Ride
12. Get Off My Lawn
13. Shakey's
14. Don't Think About Your Dad
15. Tough Guys
16. Step Daddy
17. Smelly Relics
18. Gotta Catch'em All
19. Upper Crust Punk
20. Cubicle Of Love
21. Oh Happy Day